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GMP Center History

Possesses original technology of separate culture of fat stem cells Established more than 100 cooperative hospitals in Korea to promote customer convenience Stem cell global treatment available at over 50 partner hospitals overseas

  • October 2015
    Completion of 1 GMP Center

  • May 2016
    Ministry of Food and Drug
    Safety GMP Survey

  • April 2019
    Completion of 2 GMP Center

  • Can culture 6000Lot
    cells per year
    (500Lot per month)

  • Management system
    based on GMP facility of the Ministry of Food and
    Drug Safety

  • Atopic dermatitis
    stem cell treatment clinical approval
    (clinical phase 2 in progress)

  • Acquired CPC(Cell Processing Center)
    permission from the Ministry of Health,
    Labor and Welfare of Japan

  • Acquired the 1st human cell etc
    management business in Korea

  • Acquired CPC(Cell Processing Center)
    for the 1st time in Korea

GMP center

  • 01

    Clean Room

    • Airborne particulates are managed below the specified cleanliness

    • Maintain cleanliness to protect raw materials used in manufacturing space

    • Area or space designed to manage the environment such as temperature and humidity

    • Built-in incubator planned from the design stage

  • 02

    Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)

    • Used in laboratories dealing with infectious substances such as pathogens

    • Basic safety equipment used to protect handling materials, experimenter's safety, and environment

    • It is classified into class1, class2, and class3 according to the type and speed of inflow and exhaust air in the equipment

  • 03

    CO2 incubator

    • Tissue culture thermostat equipped with the function of maintaining the gaseous environment with carbon dioxide added

    • Device for adjusting the pH of the culture medium

    • Supply of set CO2 and maintenance of temperature

  • 04


    • Purpose of dividing the homogenate into several parts using centrifugal force

    • Spins at high speed and separates materials according to particle size and density

  • 05

    Inverted Microscope

    • Capture the image with an objective lens and refract it with a prism to observe it from the front eyepiece

    • The morphology and function of the proliferating cultured cells can be observed

  • 06

    Liquid nitrogen tank

    • It is used for long-term preservation of cells at cryogenic conditions.

    • It is liquefied nitrogen and exists as a liquid at -196 ° C under atmospheric pressure.

  • 07

    Air Handling Unit

    • A device that supplies outside air into the clean room

    • Heating coil, cooling coil, humidifier, air filter, blower unit

  • 08

    HEPA Filter

    • HEPA: High Efficiency Particulate Air (99.97%)

    • Air purification device developed to purify airborne particulates

    • For commercial use that requires an entirely clean air environment for safety