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NK cell

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Keycell-IM Inj.

Keycell-IM Inj. Is an anti-cancer immune cell therapy agent that is collected by autologous peripheral blood.
T cells, NK cells, iNKT cells, and dendritic cells separated by EHL Bio's specialized activation culture technology and then stored and frozen.

New Paradigm of 
Anticancer Cytotherapy

  • New ways of treating side effects and resistance problems of existing anti-cancer treatments

  • Removal of fine residual cancer, prevention of recurrence and metastasis

  • It can be administered up to 6-12 times with one blood draw, which improves the patient's quality of life with less physical burden

  • With apheresis equipment, it is possible to acquire 30 times more cell numbers than normal blood collection by collecting components

  • Proliferation
  • Mass culture
  • Q.C
  • Injection
  • Cancer patients
  • Blood collection
  • PBMC isolation
  • Activation
Apheresis equipment

Multi-immune cell of Anticancer Cell therapy

  • Unlike conventional treatment using single cells, a new method of treatment using multiple conjugated immune cells

  • New concept of complex anti-cancer treatment through maximization of effect by fusion administration of single culture for the first time in Korea

  • Unlike other companies, the number of cells to be administered is constant because each cell is cultured and administered according to the number of cells.