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EHL BIO’s Competitiveness

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    Secured Stable Technology for Stem Cell Harvest, Isolation, and Culture

    • Holds technical know-how and patent rights of cell culture

    • Holds independent know-how of cell proliferation

    • Superior number of stem cells and excellent activity compared to competitors

    • Yield of stem cells is 1,000 times higher than competitors

    • Minimization of difference in survival rate before and after stem cell cryopreservation

      (clinical trial of repeated intravenous injection is currently in progress for the first time in Korea)

  • 02

    Best Manufacturing Facilities ensuring GMP

    • Developed the biggest culture, banking, and quality control system for autologous stem cells

    • Maintaining clean facilities of class 100

    • Developed stem cell banking system with cryopreservation tank

    • Yearly culture capacity of 6,000 Lots

  • 03

    Establishment of Competitive Research Network

    • Joint research on stem cell with domestic and overseas renowned universities

    • Developed hundreds of collaborations with domestic hospitals for customers’ convenience

    • Enabled global provision of stem cell therapy through 50 collaborative overseas hospitals

  • 04

    Development of
    Diverse Cell Therapeutics

    • Exosome therapeutics

    • Pharmaceuticals using stem cell conditioned media

    • Immune cells therapeutics such as NK Cell, T Cell, Dendritic Cell, and iNKT Cell

  • 05

    Rich Experience in
    the Development for Cosmetics

    • Equipped with cosmetic products for customers intending to undergo cosmetic skin care

    • Launched cosmetic product containing 97% human adipose derived stem cell conditioned Media

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